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#10 Yannick Jacob: How to embrace the inevitable in life

September 20, 2020

Life is meant to be uncertain, otherwise life would be awfully boring. Endings are a part of life. Some things work out, some don’t. We are meant to explore our place in this world, and in this season one finale, you’ll hear from Positive Existentialist Yannick Jacob how to do just that. 

Yannick shares his insight on how to deal with endings in life, the difficulties of choice making, the search for meaning and ways to embrace the uncertainties in life. You will also learn what positive psychology and existential coaching are. I hope this episode can help you connect within to start asking those big questions to live a more meaningful life. 

To connect with Yannick, check out his website at or, if you are a coach yourself, visit To support the growth of this podcast, you can donate at:

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